Film: Echoes of Departure

Two office workers meet between moments of banality.  Credits: Written and Directed: Hon Hoang Starrring: Jennifer Khoe Monica Cho Director of Photography: Anghel Paras Produced: Hon Hoang Tk Gorgonia Composer: Dash Lunde Sound Design: Kevin Teruya Choreographer: Vivian […]

Master Class: Refraction of Waves – Wong Kar Wai

The Story A child being born of mainland China, Wong Kar-Wai escaped to British-ruled Hong Kong during the beginning of China’s Cultural Revolution. He spent his early youth in a new city, isolated from the culture around him. Voices resonate as incoherent speech. Words assembled from familiar yet indeterminable sounds. In a busy city where people […]

Cinema in an Ad-World

Advertisements pervades every aspect of our lives. It’s the driving force behind all things entertainment, from the shorts ran between our favorite shows to the internal ads delicately or indelicately placed into films. Ads often fade into the background of our everyday, considered to be a nuisance that should be ignored and habituated to. For […]